Where Is President Buhari? PDP Asks, As Insecurity, COVID-19 Ravage Our Nation

Where Is President Buhari? PDP Asks, As Insecurity, COVID-19 Ravage Our Nation


Where Is President Buhari? PDP Asks, As Insecurity, COVID-19 Ravage Our Nation

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has expressed worries over the whereabouts of President Muhammadu Buhari, given his failure to make appearance and address the worsening national challenges occasioned by his incompetent administration.

Our party’s concern is particularly predicated on President Buhari’s manifest unavailability and inaction in the face of escalated deaths in our country as well as the worsened insecurity, heated by sectional disagreements that are currently threatening the unity, stability and corporate existence of our nation under his watch.

The failure of Mr. President to make appearance and douse the frightening tension in the land has heightened public apprehension that the command structure of the Buhari administration has collapsed and that no one is in charge of the situation.

The situation has also raised concerns across our country that the Buhari administration is not committed to the wellbeing of Nigerians as well as the unity, stability, national cohesion and peaceful coexistence of our nation.  

It is worrisome that while other well-meaning Nigerians are seeking for solutions, Mr. President, who ought to provide words of comfort, hope, reassurances and direction to a people in travail and a nation that has become despondent due to his misrule, is nowhere to be seen.

The question is, where is President Buhari at this troubled time? Where is the hope he promised the people? Where is the leading from the fronts that he had promised the people? 

It is indeed an absurdity that at every moment of crises in our country, Nigerians must be searching for Mr. President and begging him to take charge. 

Every day, our nation is jolted by reports of multiple deaths of our compatriots by COVID-19 as well as wanton killings by terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, with no decisive step by the current administration for solution.

From Kano to Lagos, Borno to Imo, Katsina to Ondo, Kogi to Yobe; indeed across all parts of our country, it has been consistent reports of deaths, massacres and pillaging of communities under Buhari's watch.

It calls for concern that since President Buhari’s uninspiring and embarrassing Armed Forces Remembrance Day outing, where he again promised to tackle the problem of insecurity, Mr. President has not shown any further appearance or taken any decisive steps as expected to forcefully address the escalating insecurity.

Instead, what we witness is the  pampering of terrorists, bandits and kidnappers, who have been emboldened by the lethargic approach of the APC rudderless administration, to unleash violence and hold our nation to ransom.

We have also continued to witness a failed leadership which appears to be unavailable to confront the menace of COVID-19 leaving agencies of government groping, as corrupt officials continue to loot resources meant to tackle the scourge.

Also, President Buhari’s party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has further demonstrated its disdain for our nation by abandoning Nigerians, at this critical moment, for its fictitious membership drive, when it ought to be providing direction for its failed government. 

Since the Buhari Presidency and the APC have lost grip of governance, particularly at this trying time, the PDP calls on patriotic Nigerians across board to quickly come together and commence discussions, within the ambits of our laws, to salvage our nation from the growing threats to the wellbeing of our people and corporate existence of our dear nation.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary