This Misinformation Must Stop, Osun PDP Youth Frontier Cries Out.

This Misinformation Must Stop, Osun PDP Youth Frontier Cries Out.

This Misinformation Must Stop Osun PDP Youth Frontier Cries Out. 

The general public is hereby informed that the 8 members of Peoples Democratic Party remanded in prison custody yesterday by a magistrate court in Osogbo are not criminals as being portrayed by some agents of sworn enemies of the good people of Osun State. 

The concerned persons are identifiably committed young elements of the PDP in Osun State, who have invested their youthful endowments and energy to propagate humane essence of our party over the years.They have never been found wanting of any form of violence in their day to day activities in the party. They have not been convicted by any known court of law in Nigeria. 

Members of the public must note that the substance of the case instituted against them by Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Mr Diran Odeyemi and his friend, Akin Adeyi have not been heard by the court. They have not been convicted of any offense and as a matter of fact, only their bail application brought before the court was reserved for ruling next week. Capable team of lawyers are already working on all available options on the case going forward.

For the sake of emphasis, the concerned PDP members who incidentally fall within the youth wing of the PDP in Osun State are respected, energetic and committed party members, whose activities have variously been acknowledged by statutory organs of the party over the years. They are not murderers and by the grace of God, we will leave no stone unturned to fight the undertakers clothed in the garment of party leaders in this case to a standstill. 

Osun State is not for sale to their gluttonous disposition and we assure teeming supporters of the PDP to remain calm, steadfast and focused on the main goal of taking back Osun State from the hands of political traders who have flooded the state like cankerworm. They will not win this.