A frivolous article published online by Osun Defender, a publication of a former governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of the ruling All Progressives Congress, cannot be said to be a news publication except for the rookies in the understanding of journalism or mass communication. It is obviously an item for the dustbin of history, which ordinarily should be ignored but needed to be clarified for records purpose.

An unfair, unbalanced and unverifiable junks cannot be accorded any substance since it is intended to brew a conflict where there is none. It is one of the propagandas usually utilised in the attempts of the APC to fan embers of discord between PDP members to perpetuate itself in the undeserving administration of Osun State.

The purported write-up captioned "Osun PDP Crisis : Cracks in Adeleke Dynasty Camp' is nothing but a figment of the imagination of the writer to further confuse the public and some sections of the PDP circle apparently to please few leaders within the APC, who remains jittery over the current stabilisation process of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State.

In the first instance, the much pronounced bickering within the opposition party is not as tougher as what is currently obtainable within the ruling APC. No party, which serves as a beehive of individuals of diverse interests can live without conflicting vantage points concerning issues, from time to time. Meanwhile, there is no division in Osun PDP as claimed, like the ruling APC itself.

Any one who is interested in becoming the next substantive Chairman of Osun PDP is free to indicate interest and work assiduously towards the materialisation of his/her dream.

The obvious reality  is that the issue of Osun PDP substantive Chairman is not, up until now, arising at all, going by the constitutionality of the acting Chairman, Elder Sunday Akanfe (Atidade) which is still subsisting and does not tamper with whosoever might be interested in the post whenever it is time.

In another plain, it is also errorneous for any sane individual to insinuate that anyone was contributory to the political bickerings within the PDP. The constitutional tenure of office of the  former Executive Committee in the South West Zone had completed on the 12th of May 2020 and another Zonal Congress has not been held by the party in compliance with the basic instructions of the Federal Government, targeted at stopping the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

This is in tune with what is obtainable in all other Zones of the Federation. In fact, in some States, there has not been Ward, Local or and State Congresses, since the tenure expiration of the former EXCOs of the PDP as dictated by the social distancing rules of Covid-19 pandemic. So it is not only peculiar to South West Zone alone.

Any reasonable person or group, especially those embedded with facts, reasons and objectivity would patiently wait for that particular time when the PDP South West Zonal Congress and all others will hold before jumping into conclusion about those who obtained nomination forms and those who do not. But such nonentities who are of the opinion that  the PDP National Secretariat has denied one PDP member a nomination form must at this point, be reminded that we are in a democratic setting in Nigeria and PDP is not like the ruling APC that usually tramples on the rule of law and fundamental rights of its members. Any member can aspire to become anything as such ambition is within the purview of democratic practice.

The whole issue of Osun PDP is borne out of basic  realities to make the party more stronger than ever before, both at the State, Zonal & National Levels.