Oke Hails Oyetola Over Improved Workers' Package, Condemns Looting, Attack on Governor

Oke Hails Oyetola Over Improved Workers' Package, Condemns Looting, Attack on Governor

Oke Hails Oyetola Over Improved Workers' Package, Condemns Looting, Attack on Governor

Federal Legislator, Hon. Wole Oke (Obokun/Oriade Federal Constituency, Osun State) has commended the state Governor, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola for the willpower to improve the welfare of the state workforce through approval of minimum wage, lifting of embargo on the promotion of the state workers and lifting of ban on their annual salary increment.

Oke said in a statement released in Abuja on Saturday that though he is not of the same party with the governor, “it is worthwhile to applaud a good policy of the government, as a ranking federal lawmaker and as one who craves better living for his people.  It is therefore appropriate to recognise and acknowledge this good gesture of the Oyetola-led administration”

To the federal lawmaker, it is imperative for him to laud this “welfare package of the government because it is not only the All Progressives Congress (APC) members and their apologists that form the exclusive membership of the state workforce”

Oke however advised Governor Oyetola to cap up the development with the urgent creation of 50,000 jobs for the restless youths in the state, as a way of permanently engaging them meaningfully at this unsavory time in the history of the nation.

He enjoined the Oyetola-led government to devise a means of recruiting youths into the government workforce as majority of those still occupying the jobs are aged.” It is only if the youths are given priority attention in the policy formulation of government that the minds of all and sundry can be at rest”

Condemning the recent attack on the governor while addressing the ENDSARS protesters at Olaiya Junction in Osogbo, the state capital, he noted that “Such attack or the failed attempt on the life of the state Governor Oyetola was wicked, primitive and strange. Such development is a pointer that we still have a long way to go in nurturing our democratic ethos to a full-blown level that can compete favorably with what is obtainable in the Western world”

Oke stressed that "The political class should brace up and move with the tide of time in order not to be left behind", adding that “the looting spree that accompanied the ENDSARS protests across the nation in general and Osun State in particular only succeeded in stigmatising the nation amongst the comity of nations”

To him, the original objective of ENDSARS protest was good before it was hijacked by hoodlums who saw it as an avenue either to loot, kill, maim, or visit vendetta on perceived socio-political enemies. He however called on the youths or any group of people who may protest in the future to note that the end of any prolonged protest is not always palatable.

The lawmaker added: “The youths have made their points. They can now consolidate by working through the prism of a political party, towards future elections. And other than the anti-SARS protest, problems like irregular power supply, insecurity, university workers’ strike, poor health infrastructure, and unemployment are issues, equally deserving focus, in the short and longer term, through institutional reforms, partly possible with an enhanced practical participation of the youth in politics.

“Protests” he continued, “must be coordinated, with a leadership that is ready to engage, or negotiate, given fact that most crisis in systems and societies, are often resolved on the table”