NANS President Independence Day Message:

NANS President Independence Day Message:

NANS President Independence Day Message: 


Today is another day of reflection. Nigerians and Nigeria has gone through a lot since her hard earned independence in 1960.

Our founding fathers united their purpose, stood together for a nation we had today.

Reflecting on the past, it is incumbent to suggest that Nigeria at 59 is in dire need of unity. Unity beyond religion, ethnicity or political affiliation. 

To fight hunger and corruption, improve housing and social amenities, enhance education and build entrepreneurial economy.
Security and national cohesion has been threatened due to flashes of dissent, bickering and strife. These are challenges government upon government has grappled with. 

Nigerians deserve more from this federation. Institutional capacity is what build nations. At 59, before 60, we should as a nation strengthen our institutions of governance and obey the creed of 'Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress'.

Nigeria cannot grow in a filled with hungry and underdeveloped citizens. Corruption is one cancer that has dwarfed our process and must be fought without sacred choices.

The people deserve an economy that can project and protect their aspirations. Our laws and obedience to them will guarantee freedom of citizens and enhance their participation in governance.

Nigerian government, be it in the past or particularly now should have listened to the cries of yesteryears and the foreseen now. The solution to our problems can be found if the leadership commits to serving the people and Nigeria as a nation.

We cannot continue to pretend that this giant of a nation is not sleeping.

Our roads have collapsed, hospitals abandoned, crops have replaced drugs, rodents now have comfortable housing in the hospital wards, schools are now play fields. We should stop pretending, all is far from well.

Our educational system is now a shadow of the good old days. Obsolete curriculum, dilapidated structures, failed managers and incompetent teachers have taken our human development for a ride. No nation can grow beyond its educational level. 

In the light of the above, we demand 20% allocation to education in the year 2020 fiscal budget from government at all levels (federal, state and local government). This must be done if our government is sincere about the development of this country. 

NANS commends Nigerians for their resilience and sacrifice, patience and prayers over the years and wish to express hope that we shall overcome. We urge all and sundry to persist and work for betterment of one another.

Let us reminiscent on the struggles of our independence and cherish once more, and  together, the diversities of our nationhood.
We should all commit to peaceful coexistence, harmonious relationship and common development.
We challenge the government to live up to its promises, raise Nigerians from abject poverty and ensure peace and justice.

At NANS, we salute our founding fathers and plead with the PMB  government to redress underdevelopment and illiteracy.

Congratulations on yet another 'Independence Day Celebration'.

May Nigeria succeed!
Happy Independence Day!

Comrade Danielson Akpan, GCNS 
Global President, 
National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).