When a noble man runs after a MAD MAN in a market place; the tendency is for the market people to regard the two as mad men. But what do noble men do when same MAD MAN runs into their house, chasing every body and disturb the peace? Of course, it can only be sensible to find every available means to drive the MAD MAN out of your house and restore peace and order. For this reason, some of us have kept quite to the great height of ingratitude demonstrated by Ayo Fayose since 2014 that God use Prince Buruji Kashamu and some of us to install Gov. Ayo Fayose back to Govt. House in Ekiti. Although he has boasted to high heaven that his popularity and acceptability gave him the victory in that election; yet, same factors failed to combine to give him victory in the ill fated SENATORIAL election which he lost woefully.


The fact of the total rejection of Ayo Fayose in the 2014 Guber election in Ekiti started in his party…PDP where all exco members of the patry in the state (safe for Dr Aluko, then state Secretary and mrs Busola Olabode the State Woman Leader) rejected his candidature. The rejection came to a head when all other aspirants were unanimous that they will support any one of them except Fayose. The battle place for this rejection was fixed for PDP LEGACY HOUSE, Abuja where a meeting to be presided over Alhaji Muazu then National Chairman with all Ekiti Guber aspirants in attendance agreed to select a sole candidate in other to frustrate Fayose’s ambition.


Fayose realising what will become of his political ambition ran to Prince Buruji Kashamu in his NICON-HILTON HOTEL room, Abuja four days to the day of reckoning. I was there just like Dr Akuko and few others. Fayose was weeping like a baby and prostrated flat for Prince Kashamu to safe his head and political career. The prince agreed and swung into action immediately deploying all legitimate resources at his disposal ( including we his field commanders) to ensure the well planned coup against Fayose fails.


On the d-day at Legacy house, Abuja, other Governorship Aspirants were almost cock sure that Fayose will be disgraced unknown to them that God has used prince Buruji Kashamu to starve off the impending danger..


On that they, some of us were detailed to be at the venue early enough to monitor and do the needful. At last, after more than 3hours of hot and damaging submission against Fayose by all the Ekiti Guber Aspirants, the then National Chairman, Akhaji Muazu declared that..ABUJA WAD NOT EKITI AND THE NWC CAN NOT LEGITIMATELY REPLACE THE EKITI PEOPLE..He therefore submitted with absolute finality that all politics are local and thus they should all take the issue back to Ekiti people to elect in an open, free and fair primaries who their Guber candidate will be. He promised on behalf of himself and the NWC provide a level playing field and create other necessary enabling environment. That was the first victory for this now ingrate in his attempt to return to the Governorship seat of Ekiti State. Of course there is no gainsaying the fact that nobody contest election in a party driven democracy without first winning the primaries. This was how his first major victory to the government house was facilitated by Kashamu.


With the battle shifted back to Ekiti and an emerging party primaries, Fayose refused to leave Abuja and continued to mount pressure on Kashamu to further safe his head. In fact, he was sleeping in same NICON-HILTON HOTEL, 9th floor in a room hired for him by Prince Kashamu. Dr Aluko was with him 24/7 and he is a living witness.


With the una an bated pressure, Kashamu shifted the battle to Ekiti and doing the needful, Fayose emerged as the Candidate of PDP in Ekiti State. Thus for me as a living witness and an active participant in the process, i give glory to God and Kudos to Prince Kashamu. I also acknowledge herewith the uncommon contribution and un-wavering support,loyalty and courage exhibited by Dr Aluko. Only a man from the sanctuary of betrayal like Fayose will do otherwise.


Having won the Guber ticket,the next line of opposition to the general election reared its head. Almost all the prominent traditional rulers in the state were against his nomination and the attempt to come back as Ekiti Governor. Their experience in the hand of the enfant terrible in his first term was still very fresh in their minds. Yet, it was a constituency too critical to ignore…the traditional rulers of Ekiti State.


Although they were not supposed to be partisan under the constitution of Nigeria, yet, they were expected to protect their Subjects under the native Law and Custom. Now they are not comfortable with Fayose as Candidate. By this time as the official head of Omo Ilu foundation and Director of Organisation for South West Mobilisation and Organisation, i was already 3weeks on ground in Ekiti and have collated all the facts about this imminent danger to our victory mission. I promptly alerted Prince Kashamu who said he will not doubt our ability to overcome this challenge without his intervention. With this charge, i assembled all the south west co-ordinators , put Prince Kunle Aladesanmi who was not just the Ekiti State Co-ordinator but also a PRINCE OF THE EWI ADO ROYAL RULING DYNASTY as the arrow head. We headed for the residence of the ABILAGBA OF ADO KINGDOM..the Late Prince Aladesanmi (may God continue to grant him eternal rest). We tabled our mission and appealed for his fatherly intervention to reach out to the Ewi and by extentision other aggrieved Obas. It was this great prince..the Abilagba of Ado Ekiti that broke the ice for Fayose in this regard before PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN finally cement the deal. Once again God used Kashamu and his field commanders to win another battle for Fayose.


Now, the Guber election of 2014 that brought in Ayo Fayose as governor of Ekiti was un precedented in the annals of election victory in Ekiti State. But it did not just. The great result that is now generally referred to as..16-0 was not a happens chance. It was not in any way rigged either. Rather,it was a Strategy driven election based on uncommon mobilisation of the grassroot powered by the machinery of Omo ilu Foundation and sponsored by Prince Buruji Kashamu. While this unprecedented mobilisation drive was going, the then Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi and his team were always

On Ekiti Telivision..EKTV and PROGRESS FM to make jest of our arrangement claiming Omo Ilu Foundation Office was one big business centre with several computers and tons of papers which can not win election for PDP. They were always quick to add however that Ekiti people should not come to our office, but they keep coming until we were able to gather enough to make that victory happen. The collation of our efforts was reduced to a report presented to Ayo Fayose in Ekiti, Prince Kashamu, who also presented same to Baba Edwin Clark in Abuja and finally to first lady for onward delivery to president Ebele Jonathan at State House, Marina Lagos where i was present to do the presentation three weeks to the election. In the report, we predicted that PDP AND FAYOSE will win the election by 60.2per cent and we ended up wining by 59.6percent. That was an uncommon efforts and humble contribution of Kashamu and others to the Ekiti election success story. Only a man from the sanctuary of betrayal like Fayose will not appreciate this.


A lot has been said about the Concept of STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE as it relates to the Gubernatorial in Ekiti State and now part of the  Governance architecture as a full fledge department of the Fayose Administration. The genesis of this strategic initiative came about through a special report i submitted to Fayose as then Guber candidate to discourage him from always saying Fayemi did not do anything in Ekiti. I told him Fayemi worked fairly well as a Governor but failed to take cognisance  of STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE. Fayose now asked how and i explained using the school buildings renovation projects as a practical example. That Fayemi  renovated several school buildings across the State but from available information, ge gave the Contract to one contractor from Lagos who now imported the materials and labour for the projects from Lagos thus lacking the needed LOCAL CONTENT ECONOMIC DERIVATIVES that should have helped put food on the table of the Ekiti people hence the lack of stomach infrastructure. At this interactive sessions were..

(1) his wife, mrs Fayose

(2) Chief Dipo Anisulowo aka anilad who was the DG of his campaign organisation

(3) Dr Aluko, then PDstate secretary

(4)  one mrs Dada

(5) Chief Bola Olu ojo..former PDP state chairman and others i can not really remember thier names


After my submission, Fayose simply nodded his head in agreement. So, because of lack of deep knowledge of this concept, he mis applied it in his Government arrangement by limiting it to distribution of rice and beans, money and other consumable materials. It is far beyond this.


CONCLUSION…To whom much is given, much is also expected. For Ayo Fayose to have benefited so much as stated (i deliberately did not go into monetary contribution by Kashamu) above from the generosity and magnanimity of one man…Prince Buruji Kashamu only to turn around vilify him speaks volume of his cosmic make up. Deep down, we may not all know what is really wrong with him; but we do know for a fact that the man is Loquacious; full of unguarded statements and always talk before he thinks. His mind and ways are evil and will always pay back every good deeds of others with evil. The experience of Baba Obasanjo, Cheif Olabode George, Senator Kashamu and numerous others are practical examples. This is the life style of Ayo Fayose, the man from the sanctuary of betrayal.